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Trade Show Shipping Crates

"Custom Crating your Business with Care"

When it comes to trade shows, your objective is to improve the health of your business. From marketing your products to gathering information about the competition, participating in a trade show exhibition is hard work.

Finding the best solution to package your display materials is an integral part to achieving trade show success. Don’t waste time and energy worrying about the condition of your valuables. Custom crating is the most effective and secure way to transport your business.

Make your trade show a stress free experience from beginning to end.

Mississauga Crating Service is proud to introduce a diverse new line of quality crating products to the trade show / exhibition industry. Geared for today’s high tech exhibit and display equipment, Mississauga Crating Service has developed a multi-dimensional approach to trade show crating and packaging.

Exhibitors can now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their trade show valuables are safe and secure. Compartmentalized construction and vibration stability engineering provides the most effective and convenient crating and packaging solution available.

The utilization of quality materials and superior workmanship provides the highest level of durability and life expectancy from our crating products. Custom design, standard sizing, optional hardware and supplemental security features give our customers a wide array of options to choose from and build.